Resource Development Council
2001 Resource Review Newsletters

The following Resource Review Newsletters are available for download in pdf (Adobe Acrobat)

January, 2001

  • Roadless Rule, Steller Sea Lion Restrictions Level Double Blows
  • Alpine Starts Up, Oil Flows to Market
  • RDC Conference Draws Record Attendance
  • Murkowski, Young, Knowles Vow to Fight Roadless Rule in Alaska Forests
  • Gas Producers Announce Joint Work Program

February, 2001

  • Court Grants RDC, local Communities Intervention Status in Beluga Lawsuit
  • Tadd Owens Appointed Executive Director of RDC
  • Critical Habitat designated for Spectacled, Steller's Eiders
  • Survey Reveals Perceptions on Economy
  • Alaska Exports Continue to Grow
  • Roadless Policy Comes Under Fire
  • Alaska Miners Challenge New Mining Regulations
  • Barrow to Host Arctic Economic Development Summit

March, 2001

  • Record Caribou
  • Report defines oil’s economic impact on state
  • Barrow hosts 2nd Arctic economic summit
  • Alaska needs long-term fiscal plan
  • Cliff Taro, RDC board member, passes
  • Oil industry’s economic footprint on Alaska outlined in new report
  • High court ruling may give Alaskans regulatory relief in wetlands development
  • Arctic summit establishes new forward direction
  • RDC board makes the rounds in Juneau
  • Chugach moves to intervene in roadless complaint

April, 2001

  • Alaskans overwhelmingly support opening fraction of ANWR for oil
  • Senators attack ANWR provision of energy bill
  • Murkowski’s energy bill seeks to reduce reliance on foreign sources, open ANWR
  • 7 reasons to support ANWR drilling
  • A case for oil development in ANWR
  • Myths of ANWR
  • Drilling would not put caribou at risk

May, 2001

  • Lawmakers invited to see ANWR up close
  • National support for ANWR grows
  • ANWR Frequently asked questions
  • Americans favor exploration in ANWR when given the facts
  • ANWR: The Facts
  • Inupiats urge Congress to open ANWR
  • Inupiat Eskimo culture enhanced, not harmed by years of oil development on North Slope

August, 2001

  • Red Dog road study in perspective
  • Industry, State score big success
  • The ANWR vote
  • 2001 Annual Meeting
  • EPA Administrator meets with RDC
  • AMEREF gets new forestry module, upgrades
  • Roadless Rule back for comment
  • Brief Review

October, 2001

  • Congressional staff sees Alaska up close
  • Common sense approach to protecting beluga whales scores favor with court
  • Resolve subsistence
  • RDC to hold monthly Kenai Lunch Forums
  • BP to take corporate lead for wetlands restoration partnership in Alaska
  • RDC conference set for November in Anchorage
  • Studies will define future ocean activities
  • Regulatory agencies facing busy months, more changes ahead
  • Brief Review

November, 2001

  • Tongass endangered?
  • Connecticut Congresswoman seeking massive forest lockup in Alaska
  • RDC board takes an in-depth look at a diversified Kenai Peninsula economy
  • Slope teams rally after pipeline shutdown
  • Northstar field begins production
  • RDC supports TAPS renewal
  • National support for ANWR grows, Senate leader holds up key vote on energy plan
  • New ANWR perspectives