Resource Development Council
1986 Resource Review Newsletters

The following Resource Review Newsletters are available for download in pdf (Adobe Acrobat)

January, 1986

  • Cover Story: Alaskans Favor Reduced Spending to Deal with Declining State Revenues
  • Cover Story: Alaska's "Fair Share" of Oil Revenues Increase

February, 1986

  • Cover Story: ANWR is Hottest Onshore Oil Prospect

March, 1986

  • Cover Story: Regulatory Impact Law Is Sought
  • Cover Story: Resource Industries Face Challenge to Survive

April, 1986

  • Cover Story: Resolution Urges ANWR Development
  • Cover Story: Japan Wood Contract May Harm State Forestry

May, 1986

  • Cover Story: RDC Urges Congress to Uphold Tongass Timber Compromise

June, 1986

  • Cover Story: Impediments to Alaska's Export Potential Identified at Hearing

July, 1986

  • Cover Story: RDC Strategies for Advancing Economy Gain Endorsements

August, 1986

  • Cover Story: Development, Environmental Concerns Can Exist Harmoniously in ANWR

September, 1986

  • Cover Story: Groundfish Harvest: Alaska Fishermen Fight for Share

October, 1986

  • Cover Story: New Coalition Forms: Groups Support Drilling in Refuge

December, 1986

  • Cover Story: Experts Urge ANWR Oil Development