Resource Development Council
2000 Resource Review Newsletters

The following Resource Review Newsletters are available for download in pdf (Adobe Acrobat)

January, 2000

  • Alaskans Speak out on Clinton's Road Ban Initiative
  • Reflections of RDC's Annual Conference: Dawn of a New Century
  • Marathon Seeking to Build Kenai Pipeline
  • RDC Highlights Beluga Issue
  • Good News for Alaska
  • Mayors Outline Concerns with Potential Beluga Listing
  • ANILCA Course Offered at APU
  • Anadarko: We Believe in Alaska
  • Do Business, Government Really have to Behave like Laurel and Hardy?

February, 2000

  • Prospects Bright for Alaska's Major Export Industries
  • Forest Service Gets Bundles of Post Cards on Roadless Policy
  • Steer Clear of Regulatory Pitfalls
  • 2000 Legislative and Administrative Priorities
  • Forest Service Compiling Chugach Alternatives
  • Lethal Injection: Executing Our Right to Use Federal Lands

March, 2000

  • RDC Seeks New Fees Structure for Permits
  • RDC Sets Legislative Agenda
  • Roadless Policy Has Potential to Double Wilderness
  • Kinross Sets Sights on True North Prospect
  • Arctic Economic Development Summit Set for April
  • U.S. Needs Enduring National Forest Policy
  • BLM Okays NPR-A Exploration Drilling

April, 2000

  • Phillips Looks to Arcitic
  • Prudhoe Bay GTL Project on Horizon
  • RDC Board Visits Juneau
  • Alaska Exports up 30 Percent in 1999
  • Murkowski Says Environment will Benefit from Arctic Oil
  • America Nees More Domestic Oil Production
  • Murkowski Introduces ANWR Bill
  • Chugach Alaska Granted Access to Traditional Lands

June, 2000

  • Arctic Summit: Develop Resources, but Protect Subsistence and Native Culture
  • Permitting Fees Structure to Improve
  • RDC Celebrates 25th Anniversary
  • Tongass Exempt, Chugach Included in Proposed Road Ban
  • Habitat Proposal is Troubling to Industry
  • Summit Will Lead to Strategy on Future Development in the Arctic
  • Arctic Summit Accomplishes its Goals, Provides New Opportunities
  • CIRI Foundation Publishes Growing Up Native in Alaska

August, 2000

  • No Endangered Status for Belugas
  • Stiles to Lead RDC in 2000
  • RDC Celebrates 25 Years
  • RDC Offers $1,000 Reward
  • ASRC is Top Exporter
  • Alaskans Pack Hearings on Proposed Road Ban
  • Alaska Coal Classic 2000

September, 2000

  • North Slope Gas Given High Priority
  • Congressional Staff Visits Far Reaches of Alaska
  • RDC Hosts Congressional Staff
  • ANWR Monument would Gut ANILCA Compromise
  • Illegal FOrest Service Decision Hurt Sitka
  • Alaska Warming up to Carter?

October, 2000

  • Sea Lion Restrictions Cripple Fishing Industry, Coastal Communities
  • Impacts of Trawling Ban in Critical Habitat Areas
  • RDC Listens to Kodiak's Concerns
  • Future Looks Bright for Kodiak Rocket Launch Facility
  • RDC Board Visits Kodiak
  • Knowles Blasts EPA for Inflexibility on Red Dog Permit
  • Our National Forests at Risk

November, 2000

  • RDC, Local Communities Intervene in Beluga Lawsuit
  • Chugach Land Plan Looks More like a National Park Prescription
  • Conference Focuses on Gas, Economic Trends
  • Alaska, Alberta, Northwest Territories Conclude Meetings
  • Juneau Rejects Flightseeing Limits
  • Sea Lion Protection Under ESA Takes Toll
  • It's not Oil Versus Beauty in the Arctic