Resource Development Council
1994 Resource Review Newsletters

The following Resource Review Newsletters are available for download in pdf (Adobe Acrobat)

January, 1994

  • Cover Story: How Much are Loggers Cutting in Alaska's National Forests?

March, 1994

  • Cover Story: Sustainable Development: Who Defines It?

April, 1994

  • Cover Story: Alaska Wetlands Initiative Draws Sharp Criticism

May, 1994

  • Cover Story: Reality Check: Low Oil Prices, Declining Production Will Take Heavy Toll on State Economy, Leaving Serious Consequences for all Alaskans

June, 1994

  • Cover Story: New Wetlands Report Falls Short of Recognizing Alaska's Unique Circumstances

July, 1994

  • Cover Story: Energy Study Outlines Benefits of Lifting North Slope Oil Export Ban
  • Cover Story: Despite Industry Cuts, There's Still a Lot of Oil to be Discovered in Alaska

August, 1994

  • Cover Story: New Federal Rules Redefine Access Across Remote Areas
  • Cover Story: Extension Requested on Public Comments for Proposed Rule

September, 1994

  • Cover Story: Proposal Would Link ANWR with two Canadian Parks, foreclose Oil Development

October, 1994

  • Cover Story: Harvesting Trees in the Buffer Zones

November, 1994

  • Cover Story: Helicopter Access to Federal Lands in Question

December, 1994

  • Cover Story: GOP Takeover Bodes Well for Alaska
  • Cover Story: RDC's Reaction to Denali Report Mixed