Resource Development Council
1989 Resource Review Newsletters

The following Resource Review Newsletters are available for download in pdf (Adobe Acrobat)

January, 1989

  • Cover Story: Alaska Under Siege
  • Cover Story: ANWR in 1989
  • Cover Story: The Dawning of a New Year Finds Much of Alaska Off-Limits
  • Cover Story: Tongass Under Fire

February, 1989

  • Cover Story: Prudhoe Production Enters New Phase: Cost-per-Barrel Will Rise

March, 1989

  • Cover Story: Balancing Energy Security with Wilderness Preservation
  • Cover Story: Striking a Balance in the Arctic

April, 1989

  • Cover Story: The Alaska Oil Spill

May, 1989

  • Cover Story: Oil Spill Takes Tragic Toll, but is no Holocaust

June, 1989

  • Cover Story: Not if, When? The Dead Forest

July, 1989

  • Cover Story: New Oil Spill Protection

August, 1989

  • Cover Story: Alaska's Well-Being Firmly Tied to its Resource Industries

September, 1989

  • Cover Story: Salmon Catch is Highest Ever

October, 1989

  • Cover Story: Wetlands Policy Would Cripple Alaska's Economy

November, 1989

  • Cover Story: Wetlands: Alaskans Unite to Shape Emerging Federal Policy

Wilderness, Part I

  • Striking Implications for Alaska

Wilderness, Part II

  • How Much is Enough?

Wilderness, Part III

  • Federal Withdrawals Endanger Future U.S. Energy Supplies