Resource Development Council
1979 Resource Review Newsletters

The following Resource Review Newsletters are available for download in pdf (Adobe Acrobat)

January, 1979

  • Cover Story: Sound Advice From Northwest Mining Association

February, 1979

  • Cover Story: Industry and Development Are Targets of Community Action

March, 1979

  • Cover Story: Forestry Industry Needs "Sophistication"
  • Cover Story: Heritage Foundation Holds Conference on Energy

April, 1979

  • Cover Story: Council Urges More Work on Fisheries Severance Tax
  • Cover Story: Symposium Speakers Discuss Development Strategies

May, 1979

  • Cover Story: Resource Raiders Challenge Legislature's Budget Busters
  • Cover Story: What to do when the Oil Runs Out
  • Cover Story: Someone Finally Got the Message

July, 1979

  • Cover Story: Members Learn More about Wetlands

August, 1979

  • Cover Story: Council Supports Tax Cut
  • Cover Story: Text of a Letter Written on July 26 to Natural Resources Commissioner Robert Le Resche

September, 1979

  • Cover Story: Sumner Holds Beaufort Sea Hearings
  • Cover Story: Support for Tax Cut Gaining Momentum
  • Cover Story: Molybdenum May Become Household Word

November, 1979

  • Cover Story: Moratorium Tax on Alaska Coal Development
  • Cover Story: Food for Thought

December, 1979

  • Cover Story: Alaska Mining: An Endangered Species?
  • Cover Story: Pacific Legal Foundation Joins Lawsuits