Resource Development Council

RDC Testimony:
CS HB 99 - Alaska Mineral Commission

Before House Resources
Testimony provided by Marleanna Hall
Anchorage •
February 27, 2013

Good afternoon, Co-chairs Feige and Saddler, and members of the committee. My name is Marleanna Hall. I am a Projects Coordinator for the Resource Development Council.

RDC is a membership funded, statewide business association representing forestry, oil and gas, mining, tourism, and fishing industries.

Historically, the mining industry has been a cornerstone of Alaska’s economy. Many roads, docks and other infrastructure throughout Alaska were originally constructed to serve the mining industry. RDC believes the Commission provides a necessary voice on issues, as well as providing recommendations for the betterment of the State of Alaska’s mineral industry.

This appointed group makes recommendations to the legislature and the governor in an effort to promote Alaska’s minerals and mineral exploration and development industry. The Commission continues to be an effective means of ensuring policy makers have the benefit of the collective input of lead practitioners in the industry.

The Committee Substitute for HB 99 has incorporated term limits for commission members and term limits for members selected as Chair and Vice Chair. RDC believes these proposed term limits will help keep a fresh perspective on the mineral industry.

CS HB 99 will bring the Alaska Mineral Commission into line with other Boards and Commissions, extend the AMC for another 10 years, and help keep the members fresh and active in identifying ways to mitigate constraints on mineral development in Alaska.

RDC urges you to move CS HB 99 out of House Resources in a timely manner. Thank you for your consideration of these comments.