Resource Development Council

RDC Letter:
HB106 - ACMP Additional Support

May 13, 2011

The Alaska State Senate
S tate Capitol
Juneau, AK 99801

RE: HB106-Alaska Coastal Management Program Extension

Dear Members of the Alaska State Senate:

The Resource Development Council (RDC) would like to express its continued support for the version of HB 106, extending and improving the Alaska Coastal Management Program (ACMP), which passed unanimously out of the House on April 15.

As I indicated in my email of April 19 (attached), the bridges that were built during the regular legislative session on this important issue were significant and held great promise for future relationships rooted in understanding and compromise between coastal districts and resource/community developers. Unfortunately, there has not been any opportunities for stakeholders to participate during the special session in the development of the committee substitute that was recently proposed by Senate Finance. Indeed, a number of items in this new version (Senate Finance Version H) introduce a level of uncertainty and risk into the ACMP process that could ultimately impede or delay responsible resource development. This is unacceptable.

All parties that worked to develop the House version negotiated in good faith and that bill had support from all sides. The ACMP program is very important and without passage of this bill, the program will go away in nearly one month. We urge you to expeditiously pass HB 106 as it passed out of the House.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Jason Brune
Executive Director

View the April 19 email