Oil & Gas

Special Issue: Oil Tax Reform


State’s future rests on oil tax reform (pdf)
Leslie Hajdukovich • July 13, 2014

Economist refutes "giveaway" myth (pdf)
Resource Review • June, 2014

Community Perspectives: Oil tax reform will benefit state’s future (pdf)
Rick Rogers • July 6, 2014

Compass: No industry matches oil and gas for importance in Alaska (pdf)
Jim Calvin • June 29, 2014

Compass: ACES did nothing for Alaska; vote no on oil tax repeal (pdf)
Rick Rogers • May 2, 2014

Local economist calls ‘$2 billion giveaway’ a myth
amandacoyne.com • May 1, 2014

UAA Researcher Questions SB21 Opponents' Claims
Garrett Turner, KTUU • May 1, 2014

Dr. Goldsmith's full study (pdf):
Alaska’s Oil Production Tax: Comparing the Old and the New
By Scott Goldsmith Web Note No. 17 • May 2014

May 1 Breakfast Meeting: SB 21: Sense and Nonsense, Dr. Scott Goldsmith, Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska Anchorage

Production exceeds Revenue forecast (PDF)
Tim Bradner, Alaska Journal of Commerce • April 11, 2014

State of Alaska Press Release: Fiscal Year 2014 Revenue Higher Than Forecasted - April 7, 2014 (PDF)

Oil Tax Reform: Why Should Alaskans Care? (PDF)
Resource Review • February, 2014

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